Laser Welding

high precision welds for demanding applications


Laser Welding Services

Nitor is proud to introduce the IPG 3,000-watt Quasi CW laser welding system to its compliment of existing laser systems. This open-air system integrates the best of constant wave welding with the peak power of a pulsed beam of varying wavelengths.
  • Ultra-high precision welds
  • High speed
  • Ideal for automation and robotics
  • Concentrated heat source for quick and precise welds
  • Well suited for high volume applications

Laser Welding

Capabilities & Benefits

Nitor utilizes both continuous and pulsed laser welding technologies to offer the best welding solution regardless of material type and thickness. Currently, Nitor has a laser welding power output capability of up to 3-kilowatts.

With laser welding, Nitor can produce virtually distortion-free workpieces with the highest level of precision. Compared to traditional welding methods, laser welding allows for significantly higher productivity and quality.


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