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At Nitor Laser, we specialize in high-precision laser marking services that cater to a wide range of applications. From industrial components to medical instruments, our markings are tailored to meet the exacting standards of your industry.


Ideal for materials with carbon content, our contrast marking technique creates permanent, stress-free marks on metals such as tool steel, titanium, and cobalt. 

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This can be achieved on materials that have some degree of carbon content within the metal. Black marks on tool steel, blue/black on titanium, green on cobalt etc. This style of marking is still permanent (material must be removed to alter the mark) but induces the least amount of stress, does not impinge of the material or create tissue capture regions for the medical instrumentation field.


Our deep engraving goes up to .020″ deep, with self-diagnostic software ensuring precision to within .0005″. Perfect for high-contrast markings that retain anti-corrosion properties.
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Depending on the requirement, laser marking can typically go .005″ deep and as much as .020″ deep. Self-diagnostic software monitors output power to the piece and will hold depths to within .0005″. Plated products such as anodize will give you a high contrast marking (silver or white in color) and still maintain its corrosive inhibiting properties.


In partnership with medical professionals, we’ve developed a marking process that remains unaffected by the heat and temperature cycles of autoclaves.

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Constant heat and temperature cycles in an autoclave can adversely affect laser marking over time. Nitor has developed a process that does not break down during these cycles. This is a process that was developed with our medical partners.


Achieve subtle, uniform markings underneath the plating, or penetrate through coatings to reveal the base metal with our black oxide marking.

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The laser marking can penetrate through the coating to reveal the base metal. If this is not desirable, marking can be performed prior to plating and the end result is a subtle, uniform marking underneath the plating.


Efficiently remove material in localized areas, ideal for applications like cutting circuit boards or preparing surfaces for plating.

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Removing material in localized areas in lea of masking prior to plating. A typical application would be cutting circuit boards to complete an electrical series or parallel conductive circuit. In short, removing material under controlled conditions when stripping the entire material is not an option.

Our Laser Marking


  • High volume runs (up to 12,000 parts per day)
  • ID matrix (Spec 200) and barcodes (39 & 2:5) for tracking and identification
  • Serialization and mirror imaging
  • Capacity for large parts
  • Protoyping (1 piece jobs) and R&D specialists
  • Rotary axis marking for complete 360-degree marking
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